The last man standing is the winner in this multi-player battle game with realistic graphics

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a last-man standing shooter based upon Battle Royale. In the game, players attempt to outlast everyone else in order to remain the sole survivor. Solo, Duo, and Squad modes are available with games of 100 total players. Individuals and teams need to gather supplies to survive while an encircling barrier forces players closer together. PUBG provides takes an exciting (or terrifying) premise and forces players to battle against each other to avoid death.

A Simple Concept With Thrilling Gameplay And Countless Opportunities

Players jump out of an airplane across the game's huge map to start each round. They can land wherever they want within the bounds of the map. After everyone has landed, a white circle appears with a countdown. A zero on the countdown initiates the slow crawl of a blue circle toward the white circle. Players caught outside the blue circle for too long will die before they can reach the safety of the white zone. As time goes on, players find themselves closer and closer together in a tense battlefield.

PUBG is a game with endless possibilities and opportunities. Regardless of the match, players can play however the want to in the pursuit of victory. Weapons, armor, and healing items are necessary to survive until the end. One group of players might choose to shoot everything in sight. Another group might prefer driving around the map in a vehicle while taking potshots at enemies. Then again, some teams will prefer the silent and sneaky route, opting to slowly move around while avoiding conflict at all costs.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds includes over a dozen weapons with attachments and customization options. Amor and healing items are littered across the map in randomized locations as well. Likewise, vehicles spawn in specific places but may or may not appear at that spawn point each game. PUBG offers a lot of variety, which is the true charm of this PC game. Nobody will ever experience the same game twice because other players are always so unpredictable.

Ups and Downs, Mostly Ups and Only Minor Downs

Without a doubt, PUBG is a game with excellent gameplay and decent graphics. Downsides to the title include repetitive mechanics and poor vehicle driving mechanics. Not everyone will like playing more than a few rounds at a time in PUBG. Achieving a first place finish in Solo, Duo, or Squads may seem impossible for first-time players. Still, we're talking about a fantastic game with a lot of room to improve and grow. Various mechanics and aspects can be nitpicked, but the overall game is more than solid.

Perhaps nothing is more exciting than that final white circle after all.


  • Dozens of playstyles can lead to victory in PUBG.
  • PUBG includes a gigantic map and plenty of weapons/accessories.
  • Gameplay is enjoyable, ranging from outright gun battles to sneaking.


  • Gameplay can feel repetitive during longer gaming sessions.
  • Vehicle driving mechanics are fairly lackluster.
  • Hacking has been a problem in the game lately.